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Facebook Ads: Selecting Placements, Formats, and Creative

When you see a video ad in your Facebook News Feed, you’re seeing an ad’s placement. As well as its format (video). Simply, placements are where your ads will appear and formats are how your ads will appear. The creative portion of the ads is not graphics. It is the type of media you’ll use … Continue reading “Facebook Ads: Selecting Placements, Formats, and Creative”

Location-Based Mobile Advertising: Geofencing vs Facebook

There are many ways to advertise to users. That being said, it’s not surprising that there are many technologies and platforms to choose from. For this post let’s look at Location-Based Mobile Advertising: Geofencing vs Facebook. These 2 approaches do have some similarity, but are not the same. My goal is to remove some of … Continue reading “Location-Based Mobile Advertising: Geofencing vs Facebook”

Adapt or Die – The rise of mobile marketing and web

It’s becoming a cliche, or a marketing buzzword (look for an upcoming post here on our favorites), but seeing it happening to others doesn’t make it less true or cliche. Designing for mobile first is now a best practice. Here’s why: Mobile browser usage has risen significantly. This has forced design to start on mobile where … Continue reading “Adapt or Die – The rise of mobile marketing and web”

Best Trade Show Advertising Choice

In our series we’ve looked at Geofencing, IP Targeting and Beacons. Now, let’s put them into a real-life scenario and see which would be the best fit for you to use. Let’s head to a trade show! Heading to the Trade Show So you are heading out to a trade show and want to effectively … Continue reading “Best Trade Show Advertising Choice”

Geofencing and Restaurant Marketing

Restaurants are always looking to increase ticket counts and attract more loyal customers. To that end, advertising is critical in getting your message out and keeping top of mind awareness. With the number of advertising choices in the market, you have to wonder which is the best. We here at Bobo Agency believe you should take … Continue reading “Geofencing and Restaurant Marketing”

How Does Geofence Mobile Advertising Work?

You may have heard the term geofencing mobile advertising used with serving ads in apps on smartphones and other devices. That technology uses geographic location to find users within a proximity of a business and send ads to that business’s branded app. When we talk about geofencing, our goals are much bigger. Here’s how geofence mobile advertising works. When we … Continue reading “How Does Geofence Mobile Advertising Work?”

Battle of the Digital Targeting Titans

There are 3 main technologies that are used in the world of mobile digital advertising. Our goal over the next few posts is to introduce each technology and show you real world uses. At the end, we’ll see which technology is best for your application. It’s set to be a battle royale. Who will win … Continue reading “Battle of the Digital Targeting Titans”