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Marketing Your WordPress Website

WordPress is much more than just a quick way to get a website. It is an engine that can carry your business forward through the 21st century. Your marketing team needs a tool to publish that’s easy, quick and flexible. Over the years WordPress has been looked at as a CMS that is great to … Continue reading “Marketing Your WordPress Website”

Dear Marketers, You Are Now Creative Designers, Content Writers, etc…

There was a time when a web designer was not associated with a web developer. Then that all changed. Now online ads for web designer jobs include descriptions of responsibilities normally handled by a web developer. Moreover, programmers, app development and other kinds of development are all getting mixed together along with system admin’s. It’s … Continue reading “Dear Marketers, You Are Now Creative Designers, Content Writers, etc…”

Element After 502 Podcast Ep9 – The Bean Boozled Challenge

In this episode Bill Reynolds and David Rockey have a conversation about power point presentations while taking the Bean Boozled Challenge. Listen in on Marketing and Presentation Methods and more with them hopefully not gagging… Big thanks to Ray, Kaylin and Olga for helping with this podcast! Key points: Test your power point ahead of … Continue reading “Element After 502 Podcast Ep9 – The Bean Boozled Challenge”

Element After 502 Podcast Ep8 – Ducktales and Bad Marketing

Just because your marketing is awesome, doesn’t always mean the product is. In this episode we discuss how some products on the surface appear to be great. But if one would take a step back and look, it has flaws.

UX Design – Part 5 – White Space

White space well executed in projects is not something that gets enough attention. Cramming items together on a page limit what you want users to look at. The definition of white space is the area between design elements. It is also the space within individual design elements. Including the space between typography. In spite of … Continue reading “UX Design – Part 5 – White Space”

The Difference Between Blogging and Content Marketing?

Posting an occasional Facebook post is not a social media strategy or campaign. If you have a blog, that doesn’t mean that you’re doing content marketing. Blogging is a key component. A weekly blog post probably isn’t enough. Content marketing is Branding Watch Kitty Lusby talk about strategy, branding, and developing a killer content marketing … Continue reading “The Difference Between Blogging and Content Marketing?”

Why Branding Influences

Several years ago Facebook pages were called “Fan” pages. Each person that liked your page, was a fan. Though confusing for some, for marketing it was a great way to look at people that love your brand. Additionally, its a great way to see the brand influencing people. You see, fandom is a real thing, … Continue reading “Why Branding Influences”

Why You Need To Be Making Content For Your Brand

If you’re not making creative content for your brand, then you’re already behind. Content publication rates on various channels are massive. This means people see new and fresh things every minute, or in some cases, every second. Unfortunately. you can’t keep recycling previously published content to keep up. Additionally, within the realm of social media, … Continue reading “Why You Need To Be Making Content For Your Brand”

Online Ad Creation

We’ve all seen them, those ads that are small and sometimes inconspicuous. I’m talking about the ads that show up on mobile websites in banners or small sidebars. They may be trying to tell you something, but sometimes can be confusing. Often, this is the result of the focus shifting to what they look like, … Continue reading “Online Ad Creation”

Nerd Brand Episode SO2E10 – Half Baked Marketing

Movies are a business just like any other one. This episode of our podcast we're talking about print and digital advertising that wasn't quite thought out. A few weeks ago, the new Spiderman movie poster was revealed. This was criticized as a minor disaster. The project has been memed, and trolled on social media. Terrible … Continue reading "Nerd Brand Episode SO2E10 – Half Baked Marketing"