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Your brand is much, much more than a logo – it is the core of your business. We help organizations develop a brand identity using the right tools and techniques for your individual needs.

Re-Branding projects require exploration, moving past a logo and really creating something that earns audience loyalty. Once we get know your story, we can tell it to others. We’ll create layouts, using colorful palettes and iconography to entice your consumers.

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Graphic Design, Print and Packaging Design

Whether you need logos, letterheads, brochures, catalogs, sell sheets, signage, package design, print ad campaigns, auto wraps, trade show booths, or any other type of collateral material, you can count on Bobo Agency to make you stand out from the competition.

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Content is not just words on a webpage

Google’s search algorithm now can move past grammar and sees quality and types of content. Images that match the copy on the page, videos that engage users on the page longer, all must be relevant to what the page is about. These components make a design that is going to “pop”, not fizzle. We are masters in this arena.

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Business Cards

Business cards are tangible, “leave behinds” that can create a memorable impression of you. Leave behinds are an essential way to communicate your brand and how you can provide a vital service. We can design creative, unique materials that will give your brand the edge.

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Whether it’s an SVG, PNG or GIF vectorized art looks amazing on devices that are Retina or have HD screens. Our designers Ray and Tim have been creating custom vector art for 20 years. Having a copy of Adobe Creative Cloud can give you the tools to create vectored art, but we know how to create vectored art that converts visitors to customers.

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Animated Video

In today’s market, video is where it’s at. If you want visitors to stay on your website longer and remain engaged, then you need video. Video ads and trailers catch the user’s eye and result in better delivery of your brand’s message.

Product Package Design

From concept to the shelf: That’s the formula we use to get your product in stores, and to get customers to choose you your product.

Brochures and Catalogs

What’s old is new. Traditional methods of marketing are not dead, they are merely now mated to a digital component. Brochures, catalogs, business cards, and tangible printed materials for leave behinds are always going to be in style. We’ve been making “stop-and-think” printed materials for 40 years.

Logos and Labels

Getting a mediocre logo is easy cheap, but having a logo that is memorable and stands above the rest, that’s where we come in. Can you use your logo across a myriad of printed items like tee-shirts, cups, business cards, trade show materials, print or digital ads? We can get your brand identity updated to the latest print standards to look sharp and professional.

Trade show materials

Your target audience is at the trade show. But, how do you get their attention in a sea of booths? From strategy to set-up, we’ve got you covered.

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Signage and Digital Displays

Branding moves past digital to the realm of everyday life.  We work with customers to make sure their consumers’ experience is better than their competition’s. From digital screens, to display menus, to door signage in their stores, we do it all.

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