Yang Kee Noodle

Yang Kee Noodle

WHO IS Yang Kee Noodle?

Yang Kee Noodle is inspired by the the noodle houses found throughout Asia. With Pan-Asian menu features stir-fry dishes from origins including Thailand, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and China. Their recipes were developed by renowned Asian chef and partner John D. Castro , Executive Chef of Sullivan University.

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Stir-fry with USDA choice sirloin, pork loin, and all-white chicken breast. With Spring Rolls, Wok Stickers, and Steamrolls are handcrafted in house. All cooked with a minimal amount of 100% grape seed oil. No MSG. All dishes prepared with the highest quality produce, fresh herbs, and seasonings. All entrees are cooked to order so and fresh to order – just place your order with their friendly cashiers and let them wok it right out to your table!

What we did

Yang Kee Noodle needed help with their menus and branding of their menu to best serve their customers. We worked with them to make the consumer experience better for their customers while ordering, as well as maintaining the menu’s great list of items. Afterward we worked with Yang Kee Noodle and contractors to purchase and install the digital screens to display the menus beautifully in their stores.

  • Table Cards and Coupons
  • Door Signage
  • Graphic Design
  • Menu Design
  • In Store Digital Menus
  • Website
Chinese Doors
Yang kee noodle menu
Yang kee noodle menu digital
Chinese Door
Yang kee noodle menu
Yang kee noodle menu

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