The Problem With “Related Post” Plugins

Almost all Related Posts plugins suffer from the same fundamental problems regarding MySQL, indexing, and search making most very database intensive. They are great to keep readers on your site and clicking around, but as I begin to pay a lot more attention to site performance and security I have to eliminate resource intensive plugins … Continue reading “The Problem With “Related Post” Plugins”

Why I Like Typography

Have you ever watched tv or looked at an ad and thought, “those letters are pretty cool looking” or “what were they thinking with comic sans?!” Then you like typography. Did you know that Steve Jobs was a huge fan of it? Not just Apples. Typography makes you have a emotional response to something whether … Continue reading “Why I Like Typography”

How To Spot Quality In Design

Spacing. Yep. That’s the first thing that I notice. How far apart are the heading fonts from the images and are there proper uses of white space. Here are some things to consider with what is referred to as “quality” in web design. Is it designed on a grid system A grid is a grid. … Continue reading “How To Spot Quality In Design”

How Does Your Social Snippets Look?

What are Social Snippets? A social snippet is a preview of a page that is used when you share that page on social media. Instead of a simple link, users get additional information about the content behind the link like the Title, a featured image or video and the URL to the blog article. Each … Continue reading “How Does Your Social Snippets Look?”

Blogging Tips, Things To Consider

Picking a Domain Name Keywords One Blogging tip to consider is how keywords play an important role in a domain. Good keywords in the domain also assist in ranking higher in the search engine. It’s that simple. Branding The word Google has nothing to do with a search engine, but now it dominates the web. … Continue reading “Blogging Tips, Things To Consider”