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How The WordPress Security Team Works

WordPress code is open, and the processes are open. But what about the security processes? Find out how it all works and just how much time and effort and put into making sure WordPress is secure for everyone! Watch the video below from WordCamp Europe 2017. Link to the slides from Aaron’s presentation is below. … Continue reading “How The WordPress Security Team Works”

Writing CSS in WordPress

Writing CSS in WordPress isn’t much different that for a static HTML site. The main difference is being familiar with how WordPress dynamically outputs classes and why. There’s a saying that I like about CSS and writing code for websites. Make it classy. For example, if you style a widget, using the ID of the … Continue reading “Writing CSS in WordPress”

WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor

As a WordPress developer, just when you thought it was safe to look back at your code and smile, something changes. As WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg announced at Europe WordCamp 2017, ( a new editor will be coming to WordPress. And now, drumr oll please, meet WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor –   WordPress has taken a … Continue reading “WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor”

Spring cleaning your WordPress website

The flowers are in bloom, pollen is in the air and allergy medication is flying off the shelves. You know what that means. It’s time for your WordPress website to be cleaned. Websites are no longer static sheets of paper, they’re dynamic and they do get a little dusty and gather data that is not … Continue reading “Spring cleaning your WordPress website”

WordPress Donate Plugins For Non-Profits

Many non-profits use WordPress because it’s minimal ease to manage content. The question we are asked from non-profit groups most often is about WordPress donation plugins. Donations are what helps keep the non-profit in motion. An important thing to remember is that donors care about how donations are collected. When people are new to your … Continue reading “WordPress Donate Plugins For Non-Profits”

5 Simple Ways To Secure Your WordPress Website

When WordPress security is brought up external resources are discussed. Hardening WordPress must start with the install and the administrator of the website. Websites are no longer like sheets of paper. They are dynamic. And like software that requires strong protection you must update. Here we are looking at 5 simple ways to secure your … Continue reading “5 Simple Ways To Secure Your WordPress Website”

Web Development, The Forgotten Hero

Have you ever looked at a beautiful building a bridge or any other structure and thought to yourself, “Wow that’s amazing!”? Well if you talk to the designer involved they’ll probably tell you about what their inspiration was for creating it. But the engineers are the ones that actually worked it out with the math … Continue reading “Web Development, The Forgotten Hero”

WooCommerce now requires a account

After Automattic acquired WooCommerce last year the take over of WordPress is finally completed. WooCommerce now is requiring a login from a account. If you don’t have an account take heart, there is a way. You can retrieve your previous WooCommerce account and create yourself a new login or migrate your existing WooCommerce … Continue reading “WooCommerce now requires a account”

WordPress 4.7.2 Zero Day Exploit

With the internet continuously changing, hackers are not taking a break. As of January 26th. If you have not updated to WordPress 4.7.2, stop reading and please do so immediately (but then please come back and keep reading why it was so important). If you run a WordPress based website and haven’t updated to version … Continue reading “WordPress 4.7.2 Zero Day Exploit”

How I use JetPack Plugin in WordPress

Jetpack is a WordPress Plugin built by Automattic with over 12 billion downloads. It adds up to 30 features to your website, but should you use it all? Maybe just part of it? Originally developed for sites, JetPack was a no-brainer to install and use. Features like site monitoring, Stats, Subscriptions, and others were … Continue reading “How I use JetPack Plugin in WordPress”