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Element After 502 Podcast – Kaylin’s Elvis and Hashtags

In this episode meet Kaylin who manages social media for our clients and internally. She’s also responsible as account management and does an awesome Elvis impersonation. Listen in as we discuss Facebook and Instagram. Social Media ads and when you should Hashtag and not.

The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #9 – The Media Library

The WordPress Media Library consists of images, video, recordings, and files that you upload and use in your blog. Media is typically uploaded and inserted into the content when writing a Post or writing a Page. Thank you to our current subscribers. And if you haven’t yet, please like and subscribe to help us build … Continue reading “The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #9 – The Media Library”

Marketing Your WordPress Website

WordPress is much more than just a quick way to get a website. It is an engine that can carry your business forward through the 21st century. Your marketing team needs a tool to publish that’s easy, quick and flexible. Over the years WordPress has been looked at as a CMS that is great to … Continue reading “Marketing Your WordPress Website”

Nerd Brand Podcast Episode 2×17 – Bias in Marketing Justice League

There’s been a lot of negative hype around Justice League. In this episode we discuss about returning to record after a brief hiatus. And discuss the marketing budget and economics of Justice League. SPOILERS Ahead if you’ve not seen it yet. Listen how a massive budget ($150M for Justice League) still doesn’t guarantee an audience … Continue reading “Nerd Brand Podcast Episode 2×17 – Bias in Marketing Justice League”

How The WordPress Security Team Works

WordPress code is open, and the processes are open. But what about the security processes? Find out how it all works and just how much time and effort and put into making sure WordPress is secure for everyone! Watch the video below from WordCamp Europe 2017. Link to the slides from Aaron’s presentation is below. … Continue reading “How The WordPress Security Team Works”

The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #8 – The WordPress Admin Bar

The WordPress admin bar is the bar at the top of your WordPress website. This only appears when you are logged in. It contains your administration option links. Such as add a new post, see pending comments, edit your profile etc. It can be extended by plugins to add additional functionality. Thank you to our … Continue reading “The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #8 – The WordPress Admin Bar”

Dear Marketers, You Are Now Creative Designers, Content Writers, etc…

There was a time when a web designer was not associated with a web developer. Then that all changed. Now online ads for web designer jobs include descriptions of responsibilities normally handled by a web developer. Moreover, programmers, app development and other kinds of development are all getting mixed together along with system admin’s. It’s … Continue reading “Dear Marketers, You Are Now Creative Designers, Content Writers, etc…”

Facebook Terminology

Facebook has multiple products and those products often get lost in translation as to what they do and are intended for. Making Facebook Terminology difficult to absorb and grasp. Understanding product naming is crucial to understand it’s correct use when marketing on Facebook. Timeline/Feed Sometimes referred to as a Facebook profile, a Timeline is the … Continue reading “Facebook Terminology”

The WordPress Minute #7 – The Customizer

You can use the WordPress Customizer to preview and modify many of your site’s appearance settings, from your Custom Header Image to widgets and more. These settings depend upon the theme’s author however. You can access the Customizer from any page or post on your site. When logged in go to the action bar at … Continue reading “The WordPress Minute #7 – The Customizer”

Facebook Ads: Selecting Placements, Formats, and Creative

When you see a video ad in your Facebook News Feed, you’re seeing an ad’s placement. As well as its format (video). Simply, placements are where your ads will appear and formats are how your ads will appear. The creative portion of the ads is not graphics. It is the type of media you’ll use … Continue reading “Facebook Ads: Selecting Placements, Formats, and Creative”